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Stretch film is a high elongation, polyethylene based film that is used to unitize and protect products during storage and shipment.Stretch Film is an effective and inexpensive solution to protect pelletized products in any distribution channel. Stretch film provides the right combination of elongation and puncture resistance characteristics to effectively perform. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Stretch Wrap Film,Stretch Film used for external packaging of any kind of product packing.


A garbage bag is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish or trash.Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the receptacle from becoming coated in waste material.Plastic bags are a convenient and sanitary way of handling garbage, and are widely used.We are instrumental in offering our clients durable and quality garbage bags. Available in various sizes and material, these bags are eco-friendly and do not emit toxic flames when burned. Our garbage bags are used for storing the waste of home, industry, hospital, supermarkets and industries.These easily disposable Plastic Trash Bags offered by us are completely safe to use and easy to carry.


A tarpaulin, or tarp, is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material, often cloth such as canvas or polyester coated with urethane, or made of plastics such as polyethylene. Our company provides good quality plastic tarpaulin.Plastic Tarpaulins have multiple uses, including as shelter from the elements, i.e., wind, rain, or sunlight, a ground sheet or a fly in camping, a drop sheet for painting, for protecting the infield of a baseball field, and for protecting objects, such as unenclosed road or rail goods carrying vehicles or wood pile.


We are manufacturer and Supplier of PP straps in different lengths & different widths and thicknesses to suit therequirement of clients. These PP straps are easy to use, Light in weight, tear resistant and durable in nature, which provides are strong, tight and tough packaging. These products are highly used for strapping medium and heavy loads in place.These Packaging Strap are high quality and durable packaging strap that can be used effectively for versatile packagingpurposes. It is offered in different colors, lengths and widths as per the specification of the customer.These Packaging Strap are highly appreciated by our clients.


We are manufacturer and supplier of LDPE Shrink Films.These are extensively used for packing of bulk goods; we can offer these shrink films in customized sizes and specifications as per the requirements of our esteemed clients. PE Shrink film is Economical packing, Temper evident, Prolonging Shelf Life, Neat and Presentable with Sales Appeal, Total Protection - Water Proof, Protection against Rain, Dust, Moisture etc. Moreover, these packs are transparent so it further enhances the look of the packed product and makes it more appealing. Our high tech LDPE shrink film has outstanding strength and optics.


We are leading Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter of superior quality self adhesive BOPP tapes that are available in different width and roll sizes as per the requirements of our clients. These tapes provide great adhesive and binding strength. These can be used for binding, packing and adhesion applications and mainly used for packing of boxes & internal packing purposes. We also offer these tapes in transparent, brown and other different.


We are leading Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter of BOPP bags (biaxially oriented polypropylene bags). The BOPP bagsprovided by us offer complete solution for packing hosiery and garments, stationery, and various other products. The bopp bags are available with us have excellent dimensional stability, transparency,etc. These BOPP bags are highly appreciated by our clients.


We are committed to offer our clients quality and durable Polythene Bags & Sheet that are cost-effective and a feasiblepackaging solution than other counterparts. Offered in different sizes, the bags and sheets are available in different material, which depends upon density and thickness required. The Polythene Bags and Sheets offered by us have: Low density polyethylene (LDPE) Polypropylene (PP) High molecular high density polyethylene (HM HDPE) We supply and export the bags and sheets in various options that are enlisted below: These bags can be supplied with the width ranging from 2 inches to 200 inches and thickness ranging from 20 to 200 microns These bags can be produced in form of any color by using appropriate master batches These bags are made from virgin raw material, making these bags recyclable and eco friendly.


In order to help water flow and to ensure long-lasting use, large sized concrete pipes are usually lined inside with ceramic tiles. To avoid high production costs a HDPE sheet application has been devised as inside lining. This sheet has a particular profile which allows its installation and anchoring in the concrete at the time of the casting process, by means of a series of longitudinal T's. This means that the inside of the concrete pipe is indeed like the inside of any standard HDPE pipe, with all resulting advantages. This particular HDPE sheet is manufactured using a special calender with contoured rollers which produce the longitudinal T's. A highly efficient cooling system enables to obtain sheets up to 4 mm thick, a thickness not to be found in the market so far. SCHEM PLAST is the leading supplier of T-Grip Lining. We supply our T-Grip lining in any colour , the main colour are black, blue, green and orange .This is according to our customer request. The following are some usage of T-Grip lining:-

  • Precast concrete pipes,Box culverts and conveying sewage
  • Waste water treatment facilities , Storage tanks , Pump stations , Manholes and transport tunnels
  • Basement protection of concrete structures from ground water
  • Bleach storage tanks
  • Fertiliser storage
  • Impervious membrane in acid tanks and pits
  • Concrete ceilings in extremely corrosive environments chemical waste disposal lines and trenches
  • Acid picking wastes